About Our Web Designs

All of our pages are hand-coded using a text editor. We prefer this method to any of the "commercial" web page development programs because it gives us full flexibility to design pages without limits. Most of our pages are written in validated HTML with validated CSS style sheets and, when needed, javascript code. We also write PHP programs for specialized purposes when needed.

Our flexible web page design allows us to incorporate and customize many of the scripts publically available over the internet. These scripts can often give a website powerful fuctionality at a very low cost. Some of our favorite scripts include: Most of the scripts that we use require some minimum features to be available from your web host. Typically, it requires that the host use Apache as the webserver (most good hosting companies -- and even most bad hosting companies) do). Also, they will typically require PHP and MySQL to be installed on the host. Again, these are usually avaialable, but some low-costs hosts may not offer these for their low- end hosting packages. In any case, we will be happy to work with you to determine what you need from your host. Our goal is to always provide the least expensive solution that will meet your requirements.


We provide custom graphic designs to suit the needs of your site. The price of the custom graphics is included in the web design cost. In fact, for many sites the majority of the work we do is the design of the custom graphics. Of course, if you have your own graphics already, we will happily use them in your site design.


Our prices depend upon your specific needs. The simplest family/personal website with just 1 to 5 pages and no custom scripting can be set up for $500. Prices go up from there to $2000 for the set up a basic eCommerce website. Most of our other business options and more-sophisticated family/personal sites are priced somewhere in between. Contact us with your specific needs and we will be able to provide you with a price quote.

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