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Design Your Own Rosary - This local artisan needed a web-based solution that would allow customers to select different components for customized (generally by birthstone) rosaries. This site offers the full eCommerce solution -- plus our new custom-design engine.
These Jewels Rock - These Jewels Rock is an Ohio-based jewelry store that sells hand-crafted jewelry over the internet. The client also sells products through eBay and needed an online presence for her growing client base. This site is a full eCommerce business.
Brittany's Foo-Foo Flip Flops - (currently under construction) Britany sells her handmade flip flops ("Foo-Foo Flops") in local boutiques in Nashville, TN. She needed an online presence so her boutique customers could see more of her inventory and place orders over the internet. Currently she accepts email and telephone orders only.
Diamond-Dan - (currently offline at Diamond-Dan's request) Diamond-Dan is a radio personality in Cincinnati. He sells winning tips for Blackjack and Texas Hold 'Em and offers weekly pdf newsletters for football and horse racing tips. He sells his tips both at the local race tracks and online through his eCommerce site.

Radiology Residents - The resident physicians in Radiology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center needed a functional website that would allow them to track the location of all the different residents and all the different locations they cover. The site utilizes many calendar scripts. In addition, the site features a message board (password protected), a scripted weblog that allows the Chief Residents to give global messages to all the other residents, and many important collections of information that they may need throughtout the day or while on call at night. Much, but not all, of the site is password protected.
Misinformation Superhighway - The Misinformation Superhighway is a special project we did for a client who wanted to create a directory site based upon the Open Directory Project (ODP) data using a program called dWodp. Eventually the client plans to add his review and commentary on the web.
Exklugsive Services - ExKlugSive Services is a business offering miscellaneous services. The company is located in Singapore. The webiste utilizes the simplest of designs and serves as a simple online presence w/ah contact information for clients.

The Donnellys - The Donnellys is a family website with all the "bells and whistles." The site features extensive collections of family photographs in serval different display options. Each child of the family has his or her own home page (with a unique third-level domain name, jacob.thedonnellys.com, etc.). The children's artwork is scanned in and displayed for distant relatives to see. In addition, the site utilizes a weblog that is serviced by blogger.com.
Donnelly Weblog - The weblog ("blog") at thedonnellys.com is a full site itself. Weblogs can be set up to run through a free service (such as blogger.com) or they can be set up using a local script so that all posts are through the homepage itself. The choice is generally a personal one.
The Tennessee Law Flaw - (currently under construction) The Tennessee Law Flaw is a site set up to raise public awareness about a "flaw" in the Tennessee Construction law. The site also proposes several alternatives to the current law.
Medical Student Ploys -(humor) The list of ploys used by Medical Students in the operating room when they don't know the question posed to them by the attending is a fun, single-page site that utilizes a simple design that is pleasant to read.
Edwin Donnelly -edonnelly.com is the personal homepage of Edwin Donnelly, a Vanderbilt Radiologist who uses his site not only for his work and research, but also to share his hobbies with the world. The site is filled with custom tools for everything from learning Latin to testing your knowledge of the Bill of Rights.

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